Dana, the Sound Healer

I love how we really attract the people we’re supposed to meet in this lifetime. Meet Dana Marquez, a talented classical pianist, music producer, Reiki healer, and Sound Healer who started out as my Instagram friend, and has now turned into one of my soul sisters. What. The beauty of the internet. 

She will be leading the Sound Bath Healing on our Reconnect Retreat this coming May 3-5, so we decided to take some photos of her in her element, after which I experienced a delicious Reiki healing session with her. 

The Farm in Antipolo

An apt title because the farm has not  been  named  yet. It’s been in operation since February, but hasn’t opened to the public. We got an opportunity to go around the land, and learn a little about organic farming, and the importance of your veggies being pesticide-free. Apparently, labeling your product as “organic” doesn’t necessarily mean that they are chemical-free, which really came as a shock to me. 

From what I remember, they use chili, vinegar, molasses, and other natural ingredients to create their own concoction against pests. It’s safe to say that you can literally eat the vegetables straight from the soil! 

We had a blast harvesting our own vegetables for the week knowing that they’re all safely grown. They’ve got big plans for this place, and we can’t wait to see it get more developed! In the meantime, here are some photos from the trip, from their nursery, to harvesting, to seeing the landscape from the top of the lot. 

Thanks Farmer Pete for sharing this with us! 

Madolin Bags

Hello leather bags! Had so much fun styling and shooting these locally made bags and accessories. Madolin Bags is all about empowering women, so even their bags are made BY women here in the Philippines. 

In terms of styling they wanted something classy, simple, yet interesting. I’m happy they liked the outcome! Showing you some of the photos, but you can check them out on Instagram here

Marketa PH

Extremely psyched to be working with Marketa PH a company that supports local and independent brands. If our start-up company Curated Goodness PH had an online store this would be it. haha 

Styled and photographed some food collections for their launching. Here are some of the outtakes!

Party Starter Food Collection / Daily Dose of Light

Game Day / Sweet Treats

Birthday Party Promo!

Hey everyone! It’s September (no duh Tabitha), which means parties and events are nearing! It also means my birthday is coming up and as a treat, I’m giving those who book from September 20-25 a huge huge discount on birthday photography coverages!

Here’s the deal, I’m giving you guys 40% off on my services and this is what you get!

4-hour coverage of birthday event + 1 coffee table photo book = P5,500

That Paradise Called Siargao

Where do I even begin about this paradise? It’s like a dream come true, setting foot on this island! It was such a privilege being able to surf its waves, swim in its crystal clear waters and meet the people who live here. They all have such warm hearts. 

I wish I had photos of the fiesta and the people we met but I didn’t get to bring my camera around the town so much. These photos don’t do much justice to how beautiful the place is, but I hope it somehow captured the island’s essence. Enjoy!  

PS Here are some photos from my iPhone posted on my Instagram account @tabithafernan

FLOW Detox and Yoga Retreat

Well what an incredible job I have!

It’s so amazing that I get to shoot the things that I love. I was very excited to be asked to join FLOW’s Yoga and Detox retreat in Puerto Princessa, Palawan! Here are some photos I took from my trip. 

You can read about the whole experience in my travel and personal development blog (aka my online diary). And the short video that I made on my Facebook page. 

Cheers to attracting all good things in your life!

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