The Beauty of Baler

I’ve been to Baler way too many times. During those times all we did was surf and eat, which were always fun! But I’ve always wanted to around and see the other side of this place. So my family and I decided to do all the touristy things for the New Year. I brought my camera with me for the first time, accompanied by a wonderful Black Rapid strap given to me for Christmas by my love.
Image heavy, but totally worth it I promise.

EDSA Beverage Design Group

It’s been a while since I’ve been to a coffee shop, but places like this make me want to go around and check what I’m missing!

Fiddled with my new camera (early Christmas gift for myself and an expensive investment). Thought it was time I upgraded my old camera that’s been with me for 5 years now. This was the perfect place to play with it. The details in this place are tasteful, and their coffee is superb.

Some Dapperness Happening Here

Been planning this shoot for a while now for Jing to put some photos on fliers or his business card to give for his hosting gigs. Finally found a place we got to rent out (Thanks Willa!) with really amazing natural light.

To be totally honest, I love shooting solo portraits, I love trying to find people’s angles, figuring out what works and what doesn’t. One of the reasons why I chose this path! Directing people can be super fun once they warm up to you, in this case though, I was goofier than usual because.. I mean, he’s my boyfriend. haha

So we shot away together with Pat his brother (who also hosts by the way!). Check this stud out (this is the only time I’m allowing you to), and keep him in mind in case ya’ll need a wedding/corporate host! He’s quite awesome.

Ain't No Sunshine

My concept of taking golden photos during sunset with the sunlight touching her skin got shot down by mother nature. Got a little worried about the lighting and the weather, but just learned to embrace the dark gloomy skies.

We got in the car and spotted some nice locations in the area. Started shooting past 5pm chasing the light! What a day! Very happy with the outcome though.

Thanks to Dianne Eclar for being my muse for the day and Pam Merrera for the beautiful no makeup makeup look! Sending you guys a lotta love!

Siama Hotel, Sorsogon

I had the privilege of shooting this up and coming boutique hotel in Sorsogon. It’s been getting a lot of buzz for its unique architecture and amazing furniture, all designed and thought of by its owners, Milo and Kat Naval who are both just amazing people.

Every furniture in this place was made solely for this hotel. A lot of the details were carefully put together by its creative couple.

Here are some shots of the place for AsianTraveler Magazine:

Shooting Around Malaysia

I was commissioned to take photos around Malaysia for a travel magazine and the Malaysian Tourism Board. It was the longest trip I’ve ever taken for work, and what made it really enjoyable were the other media people who shared the trip with us!

Most days were hazy, which required us to wear masks when heading out of the car. But of course that didn’t stop us from appreciating Kuala Lumpur.

Here are just a few of the photos I took:

The Spa Promenade

I shot The Spa around 2 years ago for a magazine, and was surprised that they contacted me to shoot their opening at Shangrila and their new branch at Promenade.

Their layout for this particular branch is quite unique. I like the symmetry and simplicity of the interiors. Also their services and facilities are top notch! See for yourself!

City Baby Love

First off, CONGRATULATIONS to Ria and Marlon for their baby girl Mischka! Took these photos on Ria’s 9th month, so she was going to pop any time soon!

Did the shoot inside their condo where light was very limited. Lucky for us, they had a balcony in their room which we obviously took advantage of!

Ria already had some concepts in mind, so we focused on their silhouette shots, while I added some suggestions for the bed shots.

Enjoy the photos!

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